∇ Simplicity

We know that you don’t have much time in learning about website content editing, therefor the Rodadewa CMS only offers simplicity in content editing and page management. There will be no advanced buttons and features that confuses you. Just create or edit the page content you want.


∇ Mobile friendly

our admin system the Rodadewa CMS has a responsive design, you can always update your site on the go with your mobile device or smartphone. 


∇ Easy Page Management

Pages are divided by Main and Sub Pages, Page titles that are displayed on the live site becomes the main menu navigation. Page titles within the Sub Pages becomes the dropdown sub-menus. These pages are flexible. You can drag & drop to arrange these pages as you like them. 


∇ Simple & Powerful Text Editor

Powered by TinyMCE, if you know how to operate a rich text editor such as MS-Word and alike, then our text editor is a lot more simpler than that. You can format text, paragraphs, headings, you can even paste “embed code” for videos or widgets using our text editor.


∇ Image Gallery

The Rodadewa CMS is equipped with a ready to use image gallery to showcase your photos. Images are arrangeable. 


∇ Youtube Support

Using our video plugin (youtube only), you can insert and arrange your video to be showcased on your website with a responsive design. 


∇ Soundcloud, Reverbnation Widgets

Using our text editor powered by TinyMCE, inserting widget is very easy, just click on the “< >” icon and just paste the code. 


∇ Custom Plugins

We can build your own custom plugins for a price, give us what you need the plugin to do to support your needs and we will build it for you.


∇ Theme

We will design the theme of your site to be responsive and lightweight, gives description of what you want, image resources, logo. We treat your site as our own, we want to make it as awesome as possible. We love to communicate with you regarding  what you want with your site, colours, layouts and alike.


∇ Live Demo

Live demo is available, click here to view the live site and here to view the admin demo. User and password are available on the login page. (Links will open in new window)